Human microbiotics are all the bacteria covering certain mucous membranes. Formerly called “flora”, they were renamed “microbiotics” due to the complexity of their functions and the number of organisms that inhabit them : no fewer than 100 trillion !


Biofilm Food supplement based on chicory inulin and FOS.


Digebiane Papaya aids digestion

Lactibiane ATB

Lactibiane ATB Complément alimentaire à base de souches microbiotiques dosées à 12 milliards par gélule

Lactibiane Children

Lactibiane Children Food supplement based on 5 microbiotic strains dosed at 4 billion and Vitamin D.

Lactibiane Cnd 10M

Lactibiane Cnd 10M Complément alimentaire à base de 2 souches microbiotiques dosées à 10 milliards par gélule.

Lactibiane Enfant drops

Lactibiane Enfant drops Rapeseed oil-based food supplement with 5 microbiotic strains in the dose of 2 billion bacteria and vitamin D3.

Lactibiane Iki

Lactibiane Iki Food supplement containing 3 microbiotia strains assayed 40 billion per sachet.

Lactibiane Imedia

Lactibiane Imedia Complément alimentaire à base de 4 souches microbiotiques dosées à 30 milliards par stick orodispersible. Avec édulcorant.