Certain factors and situations (like fatigue, stress, dietary imbalance, etc.) can prevent the human body from having access to all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that it needs. In those instances, nutritional supplementation can be helpful. PiLeJe’s laboratory has selected the most easily assimilated micronutrients for our products.

Chronobiane LP 1 mg

Chronobiane LP 1 mg Complément alimentaire à base de mélatonine, magnésium marin, vitamine D3 et vitamine E

Chronobiane LP 1,9 mg

Chronobiane LP 1,9 mg Complément alimentaire à base de mélatonine à libération prolongée.


Coracol Monacolin K from red yeast rice helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels

D3 Biane

D3 Biane A food supplement rich in Vitamin D

D3 Biane - Flacon compte-goutte 20 ml

D3 Biane - Flacon compte-goutte 20 ml Complément alimentaire à base d'huile vierge de colza et de vitamine D3

Dermobiane Hair and Nails

Dermobiane Hair and Nails Zinc and selenium help keep nails healthy. Biotonin, copper, selenium and zinc help keep hair healthy.


Dynabiane Complément alimentaire à base de tyrosine, ginseng, guarana, vitamines (B6, acide folique, B12, C) et cuivre


Enabiane Mineral intake. Magnesium supports electrolytic balance.