Micronutrition, when to think about it

Micronutrition is not just for a particular section of the population. It is open to anyone and is particularly suited to answer disorders that affect our day-to-day quality of life and well-being. It also allows us to be proactive and maintain our health capital.

But more practically speaking, when should I see a doctor – micronutritionist ?


  • I am proned to digestive discomforts

  • I would like to live longer in good health

  • I’m tired

  • My memory is failing

  • I want to stop smoking

  • My joints are sensitive

  • I train a lot and I want to optimise my sporting performances

  • What can I eat during my pregnancy for both my well-being and that of my baby ?

  • I would like to lose weight and stay in good health…

… all situations in which micronutrition has demonstrated its benefits. It can also be particularly helpful during illness or to improve lifestyle quality. Ask your doctor’s advice.

Micronutrition : personalised solutions for any age

Micronutrition is not limited to a particular section of the population but rather offers solutions for each stage of life. Consequently amazing results can be obtained for digestive disorders in babies, reducing stress, improving well-being for women during the menopause and maintaining muscular vitality in older people…

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice