The lifecycle of PiLeJe products : Quality and conformity requirements

Before launching a dietary supplement or functional food on the market, PiLeJe focuses on two requirements at every stage, from design to manufacturing to testing to marketing : quality and compliance.


The realisation of a product requires a rigorous selection of the raw materials. This is followed by research and / or establishing the optimal manufacturing process in order to guarantee the presence of the wished assets.


During manufacture, strict control plans are produced – usually by independent laboratories – in order to certify the product’s stability over time. Very special attention is paid to the choice of the galenic formulation.


Major R&D resources are also invested in conducting studies (in vitro, in vivo, observation studies, randomised, double blind, placebo controlled clinical trials) in order to test our products.




Finally, the release to market of each dietary supplement and functional food is accompanied by a dossier for the competent authorities in each concerned country, in accordance with current legislation.


Strict procedures guarantee the conformity and quality of every product.