Sustainable development and health

PiLeJe has made a commitment !

Health is the driving force behind sustainable development. The Rio declaration on the environment and development, as early as 1992, emphasized that “Human beings are at the center of concerns for sustainable development.

They are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.”

The issue of food inevitably arises at the core of issues relating to both health and the environment. The question of meeting our nutritional requirements, the suitability (or rather unsuitability) of our modern day nutrition in relation to our genetic make-up is directly related to the question of environmental changes.
The frequently replaced manufactured products, with ingredients empty of micronutrients, an excess of hydrogenated fats and refined sugars… all combine to damaging both the environment and our health.


Since it was founded PiLeJe has endeavoured to maintain sustainable health by developing effective products that also respect the body’s ecology. By also defending the justification for individual advice from a healthcare professional, we highlight the importance of dietary supplements that are coherently and reasonably consumed because they are adapted to the individual.


The decision to prioritize organic agriculture in our dietary products, whenever possible to select natural ingredients for our dietary supplements and to research innovative manufacturing processes demonstrates our determination to offer products that respect individual needs and the environment.

It was logical for us to also think about ways of integrating sustainable development even further into our laboratory’s operation. 


Today, thanks to the new possibilities offered by printers and paper manufacturers, we are delighted to be able to expand this approach. From now on we will be using paper from sustainably managed forests (PEFC certified), printers with the “Imprim’vert” label and our parcels will use recyclable and recycled paper.


The sustainable development strategy has been launched…

We want it to continue and be a decisive factor in our future decisions.