Fondation PiLeJe

Raising the public’s awareness...

PiLeJe raises public awareness to the importance of becoming a player in one’s own health. 

Consequently over a number of years more than 600,000 patient-consumer-players have already become aware as they receive regular information about health, nutrition and physical activity that includes practical advice to put into day-to-day practice.


In 2005 this commitment to providing education about good eating habits was reflected in the creation of Fondation PiLeJe.


Work of non-profit general interest, the PiLeJe foundation is sheltered since April, 2015 by Fondation de France and is at present piloted by an executive committee, chaired by Dr Jean-Michel Lecerf (Pasteur Institute of Lille) and consisted of personalities of any horizons (doctors, researchers). 

The Fondation organizes conference-debates in town halls, for associations, companies and in schools and colleges throughout France. Led by healthcare professionals with expertise in health food, management of the stress and physical activity, they offer some simple, practical and gastronomic keys and advice.

Since 2006 :


  • 265 conference–debates "Je me sens bien dans mon assiette" organised

  • over 100 000 participants

  • 400 000 booklets "The 5 keys of the health food " distributed

  • over 7,500 healthcare professionals involved

  • 2210 articles in the press


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