Interview with Dr Leclerc

"With the progress of micronutrition, everyone can expect to live better and longer.”

Interview with Dr Christian Leclerc MD, founder of PiLeJe, which is the laboratory behind micronutrition. 

How did micronutrition come about ?

Dr Leclerc : There were several doctors that together laid the foundations of this discipline. And today an increasing number of trained and skilled doctors put it into practice every day. 

The media is showing more and more interest…

Dr Leclerc : Micronutrition represents a major step forward. It is one aspect of medicine, practiced by superb professionals. They try to improve their patient’s health in a specific and sustainable way.

Isn’t that what every doctor should do ?

Dr Leclerc : Yes, of course ! But during consultations, doctors don’t very often have the time to spend with their patients looking for solutions to live better and longer lives.…

Which is in fact the objective of micronutrition ?

Dr Leclerc : In France there are over 3,000 healthcare professionals trained in this discipline. They use it especially in treating functional problems, such as fatigue, stress, digestive disorders etc.

Does that mean that micronutrition is for everyone ?

Dr Leclerc : Micronutrition is in a way “made-to-measure health”… Anyone concerned about their near or more distant future, their well-being and quality of life may take an interest in it.

Are some people more concerned than others ?

Dr Leclerc : In principle some people are more concerned than others, depending on their age, activity, family history and state of health. They are people that have vitamin, trace element and mineral deficiencies - all those essential micronutrients that the body cannot produce and cannot do without. 

Even if a healthy diet is the key, some people have specific needs. I’m thinking in particular about people that do not assimilate certain micronutrients very well or that have food allergies… And in particular frail, elderly people, sportsmen and sportswomen, fast-growing adolescents, pregnant women, who all have above-average requirements… In addition, the density of micronutrients in food today varies widely from food to food depending on how it is grown or kept.

What are the principles and approach in a micronutrition consultation ? 

Dr Leclerc : Micronutrition is a nutrition-based treatment for health. Your micronutritionist will explain how to rebalance your diet taking account of your tastes, your personality and your health, and will, if appropriate, recommend a micronutritional supplement that suits your personal case. The diet is rebalanced and strengthened depending on the individual’s needs. Consequently everyone can optimize their state of health and I would also say, feel better whether it is a question of various functional disorders disappearing or quite simply better quality of life.

I see… So Micronutrition is first and foremost about a healthy diet… And if needed, supplements can be very useful. 

Dr Leclerc : Absolutely… Nowadays all healthcare professionals know that diet plays a major role in health. It is very important to be able to offer our patients pleasant, simple diets that are recognized for their beneficial effects. 

One last question - do you think that Micronutrition will allow everyone to live better and for longer ?

Dr Leclerc : Yes, it is possible, as long as people are well informed and take control of their health…

The pillars of Micronutrition
1. Everyone is unique : we do not have the same metabolisms or the same needs.
2. Everyone eats differently depending on his or her personality.
3. The individual and his or her state of health.