An important area of scientific research

Since it was founded, PiLeJe has always appointed a high level scientific team : one biologist, thirteen scientific doctors of science and one engineer. Each one is an expert in a particular field.

In addition, PiLeJe works in collaboration with public research laboratories in order to share knowledge and combine the skills required to encourage scientific discoveries.


Scientific innovation :

The principle behind scientific research at PiLeJe is… innovation.
Because through innovation medicine moves forward ! Research aimed at continually improving knowledge in the field of dietetics and micronutrition, challenging preconceived ideas, cultivating a critical eye, looking at the intuition of doctors skilled in micronutrition, checking and validating each piece of information… 


The Science Department assesses current knowledge in the field of nutrition and micronutrition, with the aim of developing formulas suited to every consumer’s needs.

Then lengthy research work leads to perfecting a particular product and choosing the active ingredients (origin, quantity and quality) that will ensure the product’s specificity and efficacy. 

Research work :

Prior to developing a product, the scientific department conducts a bibliographic search : 
- selecting articles and international publications
- summarising the bibliography to give an overview of the subject
For the development of Permealine, for example, two researchers read 1,920 international scientific articles in English and listed 480 for the product dossier.
With his/her “critical eye”, the researcher compares the conclusions and results of these articles in order to establish the scientific interest in developing a product. This work gives rise to a scientific reference dossier that highlights all the physiological constituents and mechanisms.
This phase in the research represents approximately one year’s work (for one product). It is followed by industrial development and then the production of a pilot batch can begin. 
Different studies are initiated by PiLeJe. They can be in vitro or in vivo on animals or on humans. So as observation studies and clinical trials conducted through hospitals or medical practices.